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Getting your team to film smartphone video is one headache after another

Frustrated users

Waste hours briefing reluctant participants, only for them to not bother filming, or film the wrong content entirely.

Endure the technical nightmare of collecting footage from multiple contributors. Endless emails and phonecalls as standard.

Inconsistent and poor-quality content means the editing process is always a rescue job, leading to a final product that can damage your brand.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to create authentic content!

With Captain, producing great video is the simplest thing in the world

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Stress-free planning

Easily set up shot lists and interview questions, turning guesswork into simple tasks for the people doing the filming.

icon phone
Zero-hassle filming

The app walks users through each step of the filming process. So what comes back will be consistent, no matter who filmed it.

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Gather footage easily

Everything filmed in the app is sent back automatically. No more nightmares trying to pull together all those video clips!

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Authentic engagement

Real people. Real voices. Freed from scripts and storyboards, you’ll be able to connect with your audience and build trust like never before.

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Crowd-sourced content

No more geographical limits. Gather footage from anyone, no matter where they are. All they need is a smartphone!

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Enhance your brand

By controlling the message and guaranteeing consistency, you can guide the content and enhance your brand like never before.

Imagine if creating great video was this simple

document in hand

1 Plan it.

Set up interview questions ahead of time, along with lists of all required shots.

This forms a Story Code, which is sent to the people doing the filming.

iphone with play button on screen

2 Direct it.

In the app, the Story Code becomes a task list that walks the user through the entire filming process on their smartphone.

All they have to do is tick off the tasks one by one.

diamond in hands

3 Perfect it.

Footage is returned to you quickly and securely via the app. It’s organised and labelled, so editing is a breeze.

In no time at all, you’ll be engaging your audience and enhancing your brand.

What Captain is all about

As of 2020, 3 billion people worldwide have smartphones in their pockets. That’s 3 billion people with video cameras, during a time when it’s never been easier to create and share on a global scale.

Obviously, more and more companies want to harness this potential by producing engaging videos, generated by their workforce, clients, or customers.

Sadly, the production process for user-generated video can quickly become a series of logistical nightmares, burning through time and money, and sapping the will of all but the most dedicated of video departments.

After a run of inconsistent, disappointing results that are nowhere near good enough to represent a company, and in some cases can actually damage a brand, many people decide it’s just not worth the hassle.

On the one hand - It really shouldn’t be so difficult to create great content. But having been in the video business for fifteen years, we understand there are professionals for a reason. We created Captain so you and your clients can get the benefits of both user-generated content, and traditional video production values.

At its heart, Captain works by giving you a crucial measure of control over what comes back from people doing the filming, while leaving room for authentic responses. By removing the burden of planning and creative thought from users, they are free to be themselves in a relaxed environment, leading to genuine responses that can offer an entirely new and compelling perspective to the resulting content.

While traditional video will always have its place, user-generated content is only becoming more widespread and effective. Any company that doesn’t make use of this incredibly powerful tool risks getting left behind in the dust by those that do.

With Captain, it’s never been easier to create user-generated video content that engages your audience, and enhances your brand.

So let’s get started...

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Version 1 of the Capture Captain app is currently out in the wild, doing great things. But something even better is on the way, and it’s special. So special in fact, that we’re re-tooling, re-setting and re-launching the whole shebang later this summer.

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Frustrated users

What happens when your customers no longer believe? When the trust you’ve spent years building, crumbles into dust? 

If you can’t bring your organisation to life in the minds of your audience your brand suffers, your returns diminish, and you’re a few steps away from irrelevance.

People deserve to believe
in what they’re seeing

What if you were completely freed from the logistic and financial limitations of traditional video production? What if you could collect and showcase your people’s stories from anywhere in the world, and bring them to life?  You’d be able to build a successful, truly authentic brand your audience could trust and connect with emotionally.

So do what every great Captain should: trust your team, put them at the heart of what you do, and amplify their voices to take your organisation to the next level.

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