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Capture your inspiring Community Stories


Your team and the people they help are an un-tapped treasure trove of experiences, struggles and triumphs. The potential for their authentic stories to inspire your audience is staggering.

But for most organisations, the logistical and financial constraints of traditional video production means these stories go untold. Imagine being free to showcase any story you wanted, no matter where in the world it was happening.

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Showcase your Events & Trade Shows in just 12hrs


From start to finish in 12hrs?

Many events simply don’t warrant the expense of a full film crew. What if you could find a cost-effective and FAST way to capture your events, where ever they maybe, and showcase them to the world?

Capture the moments. The action. The atmosphere. All within 12hrs.

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Celebrate your people at your Annual Awards


At the heart of your organisation is your people. They’re the spark that brings the machine to life, the ingenuity that improves the way it functions, and they embody the values that keep it travelling in the right direction. They’re an absolute treasure trove of inspiration, just waiting to be brought to life and celebrated at your annual awards.

Sadly, the expense and logistical limitations of traditional video mean only a fraction of these stories are usually told. Smartphone video has changed all that, allowing you to hear from, and celebrate more people from right across your organisation.

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Intuitive filming app

Our app takes users through every stage of the filming process. No creative stress, and no training required.

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Professional editing service

Our team takes care of all video editing, including graphics, subtitling and music. That means no technical hassle for you, ever again.

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Simple planning process

Your account manager helps plan your content, meaning you get great results every time.

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Crowd-sourced content

Whether it’s a single person, or hundreds worldwide, Captain turns anyone into a film crew at the touch of a smartphone button.

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Why choose Capture Captain?


Hi. I’m Sam, a video professional helping organisations prove they’re for real.

I believe in people and in the power of turning their voices into truly remarkable content.

Stories are not quotas. Treat them as gifts and craft them with care because they have the power to inspire in a way no automated videos ever could.

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Sam Freeman – Founder



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