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Case Study – The Colombian Coffee Farm

26 November 2020
by samfreeman

★ Fresno, Tolima, Colombia ★

  The Coffee Farm Case Study 

Two brothers 5000 miles apart, and a crazy plan to gather some great video content.

Directing someone remotely from that kind of distance will be a nightmare right?

Can it be done?

The tasks have been set, and the filming's been done. Time to answer the big questions: 

• What's come back?

• Will we have everything we need?

• Will it be any good?

The building blocks have been gathered, and the final result is in the bag. Let's take a look!

So what happens next?

Well, it doesn't need to stop here.

One comprehensive Story Code has provided enough footage for a huge amount of content, so we can make video after video for the Ceballos boys on La Lagnua farm.

Do you have any team members in far-flung, interesting locations?

Just imagine the stories waiting to be told when you turn them into your own personal camera crew!