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Launch Party Look-back

7 July 2020
by Nico Ceballos Jones

At the time of writing this article, we’re knee-deep in the Coronavirus lockdown. As times go, it’s not the greatest.

Everyone’s going through their own struggles, some more than others, so what better moment to indulge in a spot of nostalgia? Let’s look back to a time when you could be in a room with loads of people, and have an amazing time!

Here’s Andy and Melissa from Connected York. That app can be your first port of call when it comes to giving local indies a boost right now, as well as post-lockdown.

Hey, you know what was also great about the party? The music. I hope it doesn’t sound over the top if I describe it as UNQUESTIONABLY THE GREAT PLAYLIST OF OUR TIME. You can check it out in Spotify here. If you think there’s a weak link in there…let’s schedule a 1-1, because you need an intervention.


Let’s be clear  – I wish I’d done my top button up. But this pic needs to be seen, because two of York’s most impressive business folks are in it. Rachel Goddard from Intandem – leader of a lovely bunch of talented PR experts. And Sophie Goddard – mastermind behind the York Cocoa Works. What’s that? Oh no big deal, just a FULLY-FUNCTIONING CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Get on it, my friends. 


Check out these cool customers. Jess Valenghi of Pick and Mix: social media gurus. Sara Newson – property investment expert. Katie Thompson AKA Katie Lingo – copywriter par excellence.

Remember when you could stand next to someone and not get weird looks? Actually, Samuel Baines from Ian Walker and Co looks as if he’s getting ready to enforce social distancing before it was cool…

But enough looking back.


This is the last time we’re going to mention the launch party.  Captain is using the current crazy days in two ways. First, to help where we can, and second, to lay a strong foundation for the future. 

To that end, we’re currently working on the mailing list to end all mailing lists. A weekly email packed with exclusive, useful content that will help you take your videos from good to great. Want be a part of that? Just enter your details below, and let’s get rolling. 

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