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LinkedIn Video Booster Tips

5 November 2020
by samfreeman

LinkedIn Video Week - Booster Tips

It can be incredibly hard to know whether you're doing the right thing when creating video content for LinkedIn.

So we've pulled together a set of video boosting tips to help get you on the right track.

Tip #1 - What's the biggest mistake video creators make?

Hey! You’ve got a problem. You’re making video content, just like everyone else, but you’re simply not getting the traction you hoped for.

Should you just give up? Of course not!

Ok, the first tip, and it’s a biggie covers the single biggest mistake video content creators make on LinkedIn.

But what is it? Step right this way!

Tip #2 - How to avoid missing out on 85% of your audience!

The reason that most video creators miss out on 85% of their audience is because it's a complete pain the arse. Is it really worth the effort?

Of course it is! And I'm quite passionate about this.

This one tip will open up your content to a much larger audience. So can you afford to turn your back on...

of your audience?

Tip #3 - How do you get viewers to actually start watching?

Viewers are scanning for things they’re interested in, and whilst video gives you a golden opportunity to break a viewers scrolling and grab their attention. It’s not great at outlining what you’re going to say.

And you don’t have long - in fact you’ve got micro-seconds to be worth watching. So you’ve got some work to do.

Great text copy has it's place - and this is it!

Tip #4 - But, what should you say in your videos?

That hardest part of creating video content is often knowing what to say, and how to say it.

If you're creating lots of videos, then you need a time-tested structure to build everything around. A structure that you can repeat again and again, video after video, but that retains interest for the viewer.

Does that sound good? Then watch on!

Tip #5 - How important is footage quality?

Cameras and lenses, frame rates and aspect ratios - they’re not things to get hung up on! They are simply tools to do a job.

Quality of footage is nothing, nothing, without quality of content.

Content is king.

And if you want to connect on a personal rather than a corporate level, it actually pays to not be quite so sleek and glitzy. People care a lot more about the authenticity of your video content than they care whether it was shot on a Fuji-sonic hyper 20K full-spectrum vision-cam Mark 5. 

BONUS Tip #6 - Welcome to Schrödinger's audio.

This is a tricky one. If 85% of viewers are watching without sound... Why bother getting good sound in the first place?

Does the quality of your audio really matter? And what can you do to improve it?

And what happens if there's distracting noise going on in the background - something that you can't control?

And that's all there is to it...

...or is it? Because getting viewers to watch you video content is only the first challenge.

How do you keep them watching once you've got them to start?

How do you keep them on tenterhooks, eagerly poised to watch the next video you create?

Find out next time!

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