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12 Aug 2020 • nicojones

How can you inject some true passion into your content? Niccolò Paganini has the answer!

What can an 18th Century violinist teach us about the most overused word in online copywriting??

What could Fusion power and user-generated content possibly have in common?

22 Jul 2020 • samfreeman

The frustration of Fusion power. And user-generated content

The almost unlimited potential. The raw power. The smashing together of basic building blocks to make something extraordinary happen. And of course – the rather long wait for it to finally come of age… 
No, I’m not talking about fusing atoms, I’m talking about user-generated content! 

28 Jun 2020 • samfreeman

4 tips for better branded video that no brand guide will tell you

Most brand guides would have you slap lipstick on a pig and call it a princess

Ok, so we’re here today for a nice little chat about branding – 4 tips to help make sure that your video content is on brand and working as efficiently as possible. Things that most brand documents fail to mention.

20 May 2020 • samfreeman

Video production is dead. Long live video production.

With Covid-19 restrictions in place, you have to ask whether sending film crews out on location is really practical anymore – especially if you’re the one responsible for signing off those pesky risk assessments. Is there an alternative?

08 May 2020 • nicojones

The world’s a mess. How can user-generated content help turn the tide?

Uh oh…it’s one of those articles. Give us five minutes of your time, and let us show you how you can use your video content as (deep breath) A FORCE FOR GOOD.

02 May 2020 • nicojones

Authenticity. Pointless buzzword or competitive advantage?

If someone were to tell you ‘you need to be more authentic in your online presence’, you’d be entitled to roll your eyes. But is there a little more to this marketing cliché than meets the eye?

30 Apr 2020 • nicojones

How can Brian Eno and Coldplay help take your videos from good to great?

What on earth can COLDPLAY teach you about making your own videos?? Quite a lot, actually, and not in the way that you think…

28 Apr 2020 • nicojones

Launch Party Look-back

See if you can spot yourself in the pics, as we try to stave off the Corona blues by re-living the night of Captain’s maiden voyage…