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The frustration of Fusion power. And user-generated content

22 July 2020
by samfreeman

The frustration of Fusion power. And user-generated content

What could Fusion power and user-generated content possibly have in common?

The almost unlimited potential. The raw power. The smashing together of basic building blocks to make something extraordinary happen. And of course – the rather long wait for it to finally come of age… 

No, I’m not talking about fusing atoms, I’m talking about user-generated content! 

Whilst fusion power has been a decade away since the 50s – user-generated content, and by extension user-generated video, was supposed to the big thing in 2015, 16, 17, 19, & 20. (In 2018 it was supposed to be employee-generated content) But somehow, although it’s been used really effectively by some massive brands, it’s often failed to deliver on its potential.


Why hasn’t user-generated content ever really taken off?

It’s a good question! If it’s so damn good for your brand, for your viewer engagement, and your message coherence, why on earth are we still waiting for it to actually live up to the hype? What’s been holding it back?

Here are some of the challenges for makers of user-generated content:

    • A massive apathy from user and employees.
    • Shaping and directing content for consistent results is really tough
    • Executing the creation of content at scale is fraught with issues
    • It’s a delicate fine line between authentic and awful. Raw and rubbish.

Nobody’s really worked out how to tap into the power of user-generated content – let alone user-generated video.  The challenges have been too great.

The solution?

So what can we do?

It’s no coincidence that it’s been big brands that have used it most effectively – they have an engaged and enthusiastic audience. For smaller, less cool brands, the lack of consumer participation can be a bit of a disappointing shock. You can dangle a carrot to help participation and offer a perk or freebie to prime the pump and get things rolling, but if somethings even slightly difficult to do, people will not do it.

    • How do you get over the natural apathy from customers and employees?
      It’s got to be easy and simple.

    • How do you help shape and direct content to take it from poor to ok – from good to great.
      You create a solid structure that provides great building blocks to work with.

    • How on earth do you create it at scale?
      You remove the technical challenges so people can focus on being, well, people.

    • How do you make it just raw enough to be authentic, and polished enough for people to want to watch it?
      You guide and shape content. You don’t seek to create it.

It was this list of problems that Captain set out to solve – and I think we’re doing a pretty good job.

You can now plan, direct and gather authentic video content from anyone, anywhere with the Captain app.

And we’ve got loads of new stuff in the pipeline to make it even easier.


What do you think?

Will user-generated content finally come of age? Or will the clever chaps building Tokomak’s beat us to the punch?

User-generated content should be incredibly powerful – it might not harness the chemistry and physics of the sun, but it might in some small way help shape the world into a better place.



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