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Captain – How does it work?

Captain makes it thrillingly simple to showcase the stories of your people


Now that there is a smartphone video camera in every pocket, anyone, can film anything, anywhere. So it’s no surprise that companies want to harness this potential and create engaging smartphone video content themselves.

But it’s not as simple as it should be. The production process can quickly become a nightmare that burns through time and money and gives disappointing results that are too easy to swipe straight past.

Captain removes the frustration and makes it simple to create content that engages your audience and enhances your brand.

The Capture Captain app lets you plan, direct and gather authentic video from anyone with a smartphone, wherever they are. Here’s how it works.

1  Direct it.

Create a project in the Captain Portal and set up interview questions ahead of time, along with lists of all required shots. Keep it simple, or add detailed instructions to get the best results.

This then creates a Story Code ready to send to the people doing the filming, and forms a detailed brief so you get the content you need.


2  Collect it.

In the app, use the Story Code to unlock your custom task list that walks contributors through the entire filming process on their smartphone. No training required, just simple, actionable tasks.

Video clips are sent back to you automatically via the Captain Portal, so no technical headaches for you or your contributors.


3  Perfect it.

No sooner than they are filmed, video clips start showing up in the Captain Portal, so you can get started crafting your project before filming has even finished.

There are no restrictions on what you can do with your video clips – you can take care of shaping the final product yourself, or we can lend a hand.


Captain turns editing smartphone video from a nightmare into a dream


Once filming is done, footage is automatically sent back from the app, neatly labeled and organised, then editing can begin. And because it’s no longer a rescue job, it’s now possible to take good content and turn it into something great.

So why waste time and money battling the endless frustration that comes along with user generated content? Captain is here to make your life easier with stress free planning, zero hassle filming and easy to gather footage.

Get started today.

Captain. Plan It. Direct It. Perfect It.

Don’t leave the stories in your organisation untold


What if you could be completely freed from the financial and logistical restraints of traditional video production? Free to showcase any story you wanted, no matter where in the world it was happening!

You could build a successful, truly authentic organisation that your audience could trust and connect with emotionally.

To discover how Smartphone video can transform your organisation, get our FREE GUIDE : 10 ways smartphone video can help you create an UNBREAKABLE EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with your audience.

So do what every great Captain should: place trust in your people, position them at the centre of everything you do, and showcase their stories so your organisation can push on to the next level.

Frequently asked questions...

What do you mean by 'Project'?

A project is a set of filming tasks and instructions created in the Captain Online Portal and accessed by contributors via the Capture Captain App.

What is a Story Code?

A project is linked to a unique Story Code (typically a word and a set of security digits).

This is what contributors use to access your project's interview and filming tasks.

What is a Contributor?

A contributor is the person or persons using the Capture Captain App to complete your filming tasks.

Each project has a maximum number of contributors, depending on your subscription tier.

When in test mode (before a project has been set LIVE) any number of devices can access the Story Code, and these do not count toward your contributor limit. 

Once a project is set LIVE, each time a unique device accesses a Story Code, one of your project contributor allowance is used.

Once you've reached your contributor limit, no new contributors will be able to access the Story Code.

What if my project maxes out the Contributor allowance?

If you need more contributors for your project you can upgrade your package in your account settings. 

Can I use Captain to make content with my clients?

Absolutely! Capture Captain was designed with marketing and brand agencies in mind.

Our Professional package allows you to brand the Capture Captain app with your own logo and brand colours.


With bespoke or Enterprise packages you can go one step further and brand each project individually. So you can work with multiple client brands from the one interface.


Will the Capture Captain app work on my phone?

The Capture Captain app is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

We can't guarantee that the app will work on your device, but we're yet to find a device that it doesn't work on.


Who do I contact if I get stuck?

If you're having problems signing up and using Captain, or if you think you've found a bug, then please contact


Is there an inbuilt video editor?

Captain makes it simple to direct and collect video from anyone with a smartphone, but we currently do not offer an inbuilt video editor.

In our experience, web-based video editors are not quite up to scratch, and recommend users download clips locally and edit using their favourite video editor (Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Avid etc).

If you'd like Captain to create an inbuilt video editor then let us know!

Does Captain offer an editing service?

If you need help editing together your final video then we do offer a bespoke editing service. 

To get the best results we'd recommend chatting to us before you start filming.

Schedule a call to discuss your requirements.

Can I pay via invoice and use purchase orders? 

If you'd like to sign up, but want to pay via traditional invoice then please get in contact. 

Schedule a call or email to discuss your requirements


Where do the videos get stored?

Video clips recorded by contributors get sent securely back to your project manager and stored on Captain's data servers - hosted by AWS.

Project managers can access and download video clips from the Captain Portal. Nobody else will view video contributions.

Project managers will then download the clips, and edit them into whatever video project your contributor has agreed to be a part of.

After 120 days, video contributions are deleted from the Captain servers forever.


Who owns the copyright to video contributions?

All intellectual property rights belong to the video contributor.

However, contributors grant the project managers organisation and Captain an exclusive, transferable worldwide licence to use the video content as they see fit.

Captain will never use any footage for any purpose without the express permission of the project manager. 

Do you offer a refund policy?

Whilst we hope every user has a positive experience of using Captain, sometimes things just don't work out. 

We'll do everything we can to address your concerns, and the first thing to do is schedule a call or email to discuss your concerns.

Any refunds are at the discretion of Captain.


Can multiple contributors add to a project at once?

Yes! As many people as you like can film footage for your project, all at the same time. 


Can we have multiple project managers?

Captain currently works as a single ‘seat’ system. The user that signed up is in control of the online portal.

A multi-seat function is in our development roadmap. 


Can we upload our finished videos anywhere we want?


They’re yours to use how you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want. 

Can we add subtitles?

You’ll need to add these in your own editing software, once you’ve downloaded all your clips. 

Is the app compatible with iPads and tablets? 


What are the 3 Golden Rules that will transform your video content?


Does the thought of getting your teams to produce smartphone video content fill you with horror? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

With these 3 Golden Rules, you’ll have an infallible method for deciding what to film, a simple guide to production planning, and a time saving editing approach.

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