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Smartphones are changing the rules of video production


Now that everyone’s got a decent-quality video camera in their pocket, more and more of your clients want to try doing their own filming.
And who can blame them?
There are countless online resources telling them how easy it is, and making promises about the results that can be achieved.


But we know it’s not that simple…


We’ve been in the video business for over a decade, so we completely understand the skill and dedication that goes into making outstanding, truly effective content.

Just because your clients can film their own video, doesn’t mean they should!

Admit it, when the call comes through for this kind of project, does your heart sink at the prospect of undertaking another rescue job?

Frustrated users


Producing user-generated projects is one headache after another


Waste hours briefing reluctant participants, only for them to not bother filming, or film the wrong content entirely.

Endure the technical headache of collecting footage from multiple contributors. Endless emails and phonecalls as standard.

Inconsistent and poor-quality content means the editing process is always a soul-crushing rescue job, leading to a final product you rarely want to shout about.

This isn’t what you got into the business for!

What if there was a better way?


What if there was a tool that helped you direct and collect usable video content from anyone, with no training required, no matter where they are?

What if that tool allowed you to add massive value for your clients and stopped them looking elsewhere, while still helping you create content you could be proud of?

Captain makes it thrillingly simple to showcase the stories of your people

1  Direct it.

Set up interview questions ahead of time, along with lists of all required shots. You can keep it simple, or add detailed instructions.

This forms a Story Code, which is sent to the people doing the filming, and acts as a detailed brief that takes the pressure off them.


2  Collect it.

In the app, the Story Code becomes a task list that walks contributors through the entire filming process on their smartphone. No training required, and no wasted time.

As soon as they’re recorded, clips are sent back to you automatically, so no technical headaches for you or your contributors.


3  Perfect it.

Captain neatly labels all your clips, and guarantees they’re all the right file-type no matter who did the filming, making editing an absolute breeze.

You can take care of shaping the final product yourself, or we can lend a hand.


Watch the process in action…

Captain helps you unlock a new world of possibilities


Smartphone video will never replace showcase video productions! But it will let you offer something completely different, new and vital to your clients, while keeping you forefront in their minds when the high-end projects come along.

Best of all, this kind of content benefits massively from creative oversight, so your clients will still see you as the indispensable, value-adding superstar you are…


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For organisations who want to create their own regular, authentic videos with ease.

£ 49



1 Story Code per month

1 contributors per code

30 day project duration

30 day free trial sticker


Increased flexibility, and the ability to regularly create more frequent, sophisticated content.

£ 149



3 Story Codes per month

10 contributors per code

30 day project duration

In-app branding included

Dedicated onboarding



Want to make unlimited content for your clients? Get in touch to learn about a custom subscription...

£ 499




UNLIMITED contributors

FLEXIBLE project duration

Multi-client branding

Dedicated onboarding

Ongoing support & training


Need help with the editing?

Captain is a powerful tool for directing and collecting smartphone video, giving you the best possible content to work with when it comes to the editing process.

If you need help putting the final product together, we’ve got 15 years experience in everything from creative consultancy right through to editing and motion graphics.

Just schedule a call to discuss your requirements.

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One-off Project

A subscription service isn’t for everyone! If you’ve got a single project in mind, we can create a customised, flexible approach based on your specific needs.

We can leave you to it, offer as much technical or creative support as you need, or even take care of the whole project for you.

Just schedule a call and we’ll help you get cracking.


Smartphone video is here to stay


The genie’s out of the bottle. As smartphones become more advanced, your clients will only want to keep filming more of their own video.

If you can’t find a way to empower your clients to make this kind of content, while still adding value and improving the end results, then someone else will.


Be your client’s hero


User-generated content isn’t going to replace the need for slick showcase films, but your clients will need both to survive in the modern world.

If you can take control of your client’s smartphone content and elevate it to levels they’d never thought possible, you’ll be their video hero for every single project!

Time to turn user-generated video from a nightmare rescue job into something you can be proud of.

Why choose Captain?


We’re not a huge, venture-capital-funded corporate machine – we’re just two video pros looking to help creative agencies inject even more authenticity into their client’s content.

We’ve also got an unshakeable belief in the value of the creative process which creates truly remarkable work.

Stories shouldn’t be a quota to hit. When treated as gifts to be crafted with care, they have the power to inspire in a way no enterprise-scale, automated videos ever could.

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Sam Freeman – Technical Director




  • Take the pain out of creating smartphone video content
  • 3 simple steps to guide you from start to finish
  • Always know what videos to make, and how to make them

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