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'How can Brian Eno and Coldplay help take your content from good to great?'



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How can Brian Eno and Coldplay help take your video content from good to great?

Hello and welcome to your video boosting tip of the week from Captain. Helping you plan, direct, and perfect smartphone video content to engage our audience and enhance your brand.

Today we’ve set a crazy question. How can Brian Eno and Coldplay, take your videos from good too great.

Brian Eno. Coldplay. What has Coldplay got to do with anything? Well, let me explain.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of Coldplay, but I love that Viva La Vida album. And I mean…love it. Before then, they were fine, they were like water - it’s fine if you’re thirsty, but you’d rather have Vimto. It’s more interesting, isn’t it?


Coldplay needed something... different

Then, Brian Eno, the record producer came along. 

Now what a record producer does, is they go into the recoding studio and work with the band. They take the bare bones of brilliance, and they add their own expertise and insight, they take it from here (points low)… to here (points high).

That album was the moment that Coldplay exploded from black and white into colour. And colour has been their thing ever since, hasn’t it? Like, to a ridiculous degree. But it’s worked for them. It’s their brand now.

Adding colour and flavour to your video content

The reason I mention this, is that when you’re making your own video content, you basically become that producer.

Even more so if you’re organising user-generated video content, and even more so if you’re using the Captain app; you become the puppet master. Pulling people’s strings. You’re the one that has to ask the right questions of your ‘performers’. Don’t stifle them, let them be who they are, and be honest. But there has to be rules, control, direction- and you’re the one who does that.

Then once filming’s done, you’ve got to take this video content that on its own can be dreadful, and you’ve got to become objective, you've got to think smart, and you need to bring it all together.

The pressure’s on you, but the potential is on you too. You can half-arse it sure, or you can make something that will blow people’s minds. Expectation for user-generated content is generally very low, so if you show a bit of ambition, get the right music on there, tell a bit of a story, the rewards can be really great.

Be more like Brian - be the music producer

So that’s today’s tip. Be the music producer, the one who takes the bare bones of authentic brilliance, then takes it from here (points low) to here (points high)

Be Brian Eno with Coldplay.

Or Norman Cook turning Brimful of Asha from a plodding bore, into an absolute banger.

Owen Morris rescuing Definitely Maybe with his wall of sound.

Ross Robinson with that 90s Nu Metal stuff (if you liked that kind of thing).

William Orbit with Madonna and All Saints.

Quincy Jones with, he who shall not be named.

Or Nile Rogers. George Martin. Mark Ronson, the list goes on.

Be the producer. Be the hit-maker.

I’ll see you next time. Until then, this is Captain helping you plan, direct and perfect smartphone video content to engage your audience and enhance your brand.