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Getting your video content right can be a massive pain


To be successful on any social media platform you need to be posting excellent content all the time. Your audience loves watching videos, but creating them regularly requires a huge commitment of time and energy.

Filming and editing is hard enough, but how do you figure out what to actually talk about, week in week out? Before you know it, frustration kicks in and it’s easier to just give up.

But when it’s done right, it’s incredibly effective. Check out these examples from Hybrid Legal, talking their audience through a relevant topic over the course of 1 week…

Never be lost for words again


Say hello to the authentic content framework you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll develop a strategy with you through regular calls, identifying talking points and selecting different types of content from our framework, to suit your audience.

Of course, the best strategy in the world would be no good if filming the content was a chore…

Do all your filming with the Capture Captain app


Once your strategy is in place, we’ll create a custom set of filming directions, questions and prompts.

Our app will then walk you through the whole filming process step by step, with no need for any planning or scripting. You can film two months worth of content in less than an hour!

When you’ve finished, your clips are sent automatically to us, ready for editing. No more headaches trying to send video files via WeTransfer.

The boring stuff: sorted


Editing, music, graphics, subtitles, formats, exports. Taking care of this stuff is a time-sapping horror that only drags you away from the stuff you should be doing.

So leave the legwork to us: we turn raw footage into a superb final product day in, day out.

Gather insight and inspiration from anyone, anywhere


It doesn’t just need to be one person that does the filming. With Capture Captain, your entire team can contribute to your marketing efforts, and give a multi-dimensional view of your business that your audience will love.

With your teams working from home more than ever, this would usually be a huge challenge. Not any more.


How does it work?

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1. Choose your videos

Every 2 months, we’ll help you pin down your talking points in a strategy session.

After the tiniest bit of preparation from you, we’ll set up some simple filming directions...

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2. You do the filming

The filming directions become a story code, which is then opened by you or your contributors in the Capture Captain app.

You’re then walked through the whole filming process, one step at a time. No training required, and no wasted time.

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3. We take care of the rest

As soon as they’re recorded and approved, clips are sent back to us automatically, so no technical headaches for you or your contributors.

We then edit the raw footage into a fantastic final product, ready to inform or inspire on any of your social channels.

Why choose Captain?


We’re not a huge, venture-capital-funded corporate machine – we’re just two video pros looking to help organisations prove they’re for real.

The modern consumer can smell fakery a mile away, so we started Capture Captain to help businesses capture the authenticity of their people. That’s the only way to thrive in the online world these days – nothing less will do!

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Nico Jones – Managing Director
Sam Freeman – Technical Director

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