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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There is absolutely no cost to your call with Capture Captain.

Creating your first video will use the FREE TRIAL of the Capture Captain app. No credit card required.

Now I know you might be expecting, and this is not going to be some standard smartphone video tutorial series, far from it.

We're not going to talk about framing, not going to talk about lighting, we're certainly not going to talk about scripting, man! None of the boring stuff because life is too short.

This is about bringing your organisation to life and proving to your audience how amazing you are, with the most authentic, easy-to-make smartphone videos you can imagine.

So what kinds of videos are we talking about? Well, check it out, because the possibilities are endless.

From vlogs, to myth-busters, to testimonials and everything in between.

We are going to show you how you can create any one of those videos, featuring footage that you're going to direct other people to film on their own smartphones. All from the comfort of your own desk! They are going to do the work for you, that means no more creative logistical or financial limits, and it is such fun. But I need to make clear right now: this is a new way of doing things, which means we want to give you a hand getting started.

So even if you've had a look around Capture Captain and you want to get signed up, I urge you to book a call with me because we want to make this super easy for you. 


We'll have a chat about your organisation and find out what it's all about.

We'll figure out what makes it special and how you can capture that.


We will keep it simple and show you how to make just one of these amazing videos

We are going to walk you one-on-one through the whole process at zero cost.


Make any of those videos on your own using the Capture Captain app.

Pack your comms with more authentic, heartfelt smartphone video than you ever thought possible.

So book your FREE call today!