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19 Oct 2020 • nicojones

Time to reclaim the cliches, and build trust like never before.

If you’re a growing organisation, your values become harder to manage and demonstrate, even as they become more important to your audience.

So how can smartphone video help you take trust to the next level? The answer involves reclaiming clichés, building strong systems, and telling great stories…

18 Oct 2020 • nicojones

PART TWO: Episodic content taken to the next level and beyond…

Last time, we took a crash course in the most basic method of creating episodic content – the cliffhanger.  Now it’s time to dial things up a notch.

What if there was a simple technique to help you create never-ending, addictive intrigue for your audience? Something that would keep them tuning into your social channels day after day, week after week, year after year?

18 Oct 2020 • nicojones

PART ONE: What’s the killer tip that will keep your audience coming back for episode after episode?

Full disclosure – I used to be a bit of a Batman nut.  Fortunately, it just so happens that the Caped Crusader can teach us some very interesting points about episodic content. That’s a big deal if you’re putting out regular videos, because it can keep people coming back again, and again and again…

18 Oct 2020 • nicojones

When reality is just not good enough, how can you still WOW your audience?

The authentic raw footage that people film won’t always be enough to blow your audience away straight out of the gate. But the good news is…it doesn’t need to be.

With a simple shift in perspective (courtesy of one Paul Stanley from KISS), you can walk the line between reality and razzle-dazzle, and end up with something better than both!

18 Oct 2020 • nicojones

What secret blockbuster tip can draw viewers into your story like nothing else?

Here’s the thing about blockbuster films: LOADS OF PEOPLE WATCH THEM. Star Wars was the first mega-modern-superhit, and ever since 1977, storytellers that use a certain set of rules have enjoyed better results than anyone else.

Today, we’re going to look at one of the simplest, but most powerfully effective techniques you can add to your video content playbook…

5* reviews are broken

08 Sep 2020 • samfreeman

Are reviews & testimonials broken? Smartphone video to the rescue!

Trust. It’s a valuable commodity, possibly THE most valuable commodity, and once it’s been spent. Zip. It’s gone – for good.

This is a story about Ink. Printer Ink. (I know, I know. That’s well boring – but please don’t stop reading just yet…)

19 Aug 2020 • nicojones

Can smartphone video really enhance your brand? Really though? REALLY?

What is a brand these days, anyway? Let’s look at it from a different angle, and see if we can really walk the walk when it comes to our claims about smartphone video…

12 Aug 2020 • nicojones

How can you inject some true passion into your content? Niccolò Paganini has the answer!

What can an 18th Century violinist teach us about the most overused word in online copywriting??

What could Fusion power and user-generated content possibly have in common?

22 Jul 2020 • samfreeman

The frustration of Fusion power. And user-generated content

The almost unlimited potential. The raw power. The smashing together of basic building blocks to make something extraordinary happen. And of course – the rather long wait for it to finally come of age… 
No, I’m not talking about fusing atoms, I’m talking about user-generated content! 

28 Jun 2020 • samfreeman

4 tips for better branded video that no brand guide will tell you

Most brand guides would have you slap lipstick on a pig and call it a princess

Ok, so we’re here today for a nice little chat about branding – 4 tips to help make sure that your video content is on brand and working as efficiently as possible. Things that most brand documents fail to mention.