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02 Mar 2024 • Sam Freeman

International Women’s Week

Making videos for your company shouldn’t be hard!

Here’s how I (a complete video novice) easily created 5 days worth of inspiring social media video content for International Women’s Week.

Sounds tough right? But not with Captain on my side!

25 Feb 2024 • Sam Freeman

Case Study – The Colombian Coffee Farm

Two brothers 5000 miles apart, and a crazy plan to gather some great video content.

Directing someone remotely from that kind of distance will be a nightmare right?

Can it be done?

25 Feb 2024 • Sam Freeman

Are reviews & testimonials broken? Smartphone video to the rescue!

Trust. It’s a valuable commodity, possibly THE most valuable commodity, and once it’s been spent. Zip. It’s gone – for good.

This is a story about Ink. Printer Ink. (I know, I know. That’s well boring – but please don’t stop reading just yet…)

23 Feb 2024 • Sam Freeman

Can smartphone video really enhance your brand? Really though? REALLY?

What is a brand these days, anyway? Let’s look at it from a different angle, and see if we can really walk the walk when it comes to our claims about smartphone video…

23 Feb 2024 • Sam Freeman

LinkedIn Video Booster Tips

It can be incredibly hard to know whether you’re doing the right thing when creating video content for LinkedIn.

So we’ve pulled together a set of video boosting tips to help get you on the right track.

We’re releasing these videos throughout the week on LinkedIn, but we’ve collected them together here so you can watch them all in one go!

22 Feb 2024 • Sam Freeman

Authenticity. Pointless buzzword or competitive advantage?

If someone were to tell you ‘you need to be more authentic in your online presence’, you’d be entitled to roll your eyes. But is there a little more to this marketing cliché than meets the eye?

22 Feb 2024 • Sam Freeman

4 tips for better branded video that no brand guide will tell you

Most brand guides would have you slap lipstick on a pig and call it a princess

Ok, so we’re here today for a nice little chat about branding – 4 tips to help make sure that your video content is on brand and working as efficiently as possible. Things that most brand documents fail to mention.

12 Feb 2024 • Sam Freeman

The frustration of Fusion power. And user-generated content

The almost unlimited potential. The raw power. The smashing together of basic building blocks to make something extraordinary happen. And of course – the rather long wait for it to finally come of age… 
No, I’m not talking about fusing atoms, I’m talking about user-generated content!